Sochi Legal
20-21 September 2014, Sochi (Russia)


Photos from Sochi Legal 2014

Oleg Kiselev
Legal Department of GUP Vodokanal of St. Petersburg

The success of the forum was possible through the high level of its preparations, the topical issues discussed at the forum, the active role of moderators and speakers, as well as of the guests attending the discussions. A good choice of topics for discussion by the forum attendees, their natural harmony with the forum location, the optimum choice of the sessions format were surely appreciated by all the attendees.

Paul Marmor
Partner at Sherrards Solicitors LLP

Sochi Legal was brilliant. Where else could we go to one of the most high-profile, high-calibre and outstanding legal conferences in the Russian region and end up looking at bees in a bee park?! It was wonderful, and Sochi had a great feel about it. The panels were fascinating, and it was really interesting to hear people’s perspectives in some of the more serious ones concerning sanctions. I loved the delegates, and I am glad I took the decision to come along.

Peter Fitzpatrick
Partner at Enyo Law LLP

Thank you very much for hosting the сonference. It was excellent, and a very good opportunity to attend such interesting presentations and meet so many international colleagues.

Rupert Boswall
Chairman at RPC

Thank you for organising a wonderful conference and for your support.

Tatiana Maksurova
Head of Legal Department at Chimpharm JSC

I liked the scope of the forum with all of its components, including the speakers and the attendees. Hope this good groundwork will have a brilliant future.

Tomohiro Tsuchiya
Partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

It was a great opportunity to network with professionals in the region and I hope we can keep trying to develop the Japan-Russia business.